Our History

INDICE is a consulting company that develops solutions with a strong ICT component, present in several sectors, mainly, Business (Enterprises) , Higher Education, Public Administration and Local Social Economy.

Started business in 1989, first dedicated to the consultancy. Support services for management and investment through the development of Applications for Community Programs in force, in Portugal, represent the genesis of the economic activity of the company.

In 1991, there was the expansion of activity in terms of provision of services, covering training services (preparation and implementation of Applications Training), and in geographical terms, abandoning its regional position, going to work on all nationwide.

The continuous articulation between the content of services and the needs of its customers, made possible in 1994 to increase the offer of services. Since then they were complemented by the services of consultancy for implementation of Management Systems and Audits. These services are continuously updated with regard to their implementation methodologies, reference models and techniques continually identified by the Team of the INDICE, which is characterized by its professionalism, motivation and multidisciplinary.

Training services, obtained the accreditation awarded by INOFOR, current DGERT, in 1999 maintaining the same until the present day.

Certification according to EN ISO 9001:1995, is achieved by INDICE in March 2001. Since then, their transitions were performed according to the revisions to ISO Standards, currently holding the certification according to NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

Since 2001, INDICE develops ICT solutions. Conceived INQ.net management software, initially designed mostly forĀ  quality management, which represents an addition to the implementation of management systems. Currently the supply of ICT solutions is more diverse, covering management software, network webportals , back-office and front-office solutions according with the needs of customers.

External recognition INDICEĀ  performance was also commended by the award of the 2001 SME Excellence status and, more recently, the SME Leader status.