Cost – Benefit Analysis is an analytical tool used to estimate the benefits and costs of an investment project.

Cost – Benefit Analysis is to determine whether the project deserves to be financed and require co-financing (typically co-financed from structural funds but not only).

Many times companies have to decide on certain investment projects being put in a position to answer essential questions, such as:

  1. Is the investment to which we thought a profitable one?  equivalent to Is it worth to implement the investment?  or Are net benefits brought by the investment project, positives?

  1. What is the funding required by the investment and from what sources we can get it?

Cost – Benefit Analysis has the answer of these questions through the following steps:

– Identifying the investment and defining its objectives;

– Option analysis

– Financial analysis

– Economic analysis

– Sensitivity analysis

– Risk analysis

– Presentation of results

As the Business Plan shows the future direction of your business, the direction in which it is heading, to prepare a Cost – Benefit Analysis, which is in fact a rigorous analysis of the investment, represents the first step towards the success of your investment.

Our team has the relevant expertise in the analysis of investments starting with 2009, with the expansion in Romania of Indice Group, keeping the tradition of a business old more than 27 years in field of business consultancy and management.


For more details about how we can collaborate to provide support to the identification and analysis of different types of investments do not hesitate to contact us.